Discover the World's Cutest Sheep!

Laurel Highland Farm has been on a mission — to bring Valais Blacknose Sheep to the USA!.

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Valais Blacknose Ewe Lamb

One may wonder if it is a stuffed toy, or a black and white cartoon character. . . or perhaps some strange hybrid between a Panda and a longwool sheep?! The surreal, almost faceless appearance — with unique, spiral horns as well as wooly curls allover — is stunning.


Friendly Ewes

What may be most endearing about them is the typically placid and docile nature, which is sometimes described as almost dog-like! Unlike most mountain sheep breeds, Valais Blacknose do not tend to be very flighty, but instead often seek out human contact.


Valais Blacknose Lambswool

Valais Blacknose Sheep are hardy, native alpine sheep and are useful animals for conservation grazing (in appropriate climates). They are a large, dual-purpose breed with valuable meat and wool. But with their good temperaments, many are kept simply as pets.


Adjective. charming; captivating.
"There is something quite enchanting about Valais Blacknose Sheep. Their looks and temperament are so unlike any other, that one may wonder — 'Are they are even real?""